Nexus 5-Stack

If you have some inner, unfulfilled need to impress a crowd, the Nexus 5-stack is the big show in a small package that’s guaranteed to dominate the beach. Of course, in a breeze you’ll be leaving mile-long tracks in the sand so they’ll be hard-pressed to get your autograph, but life could be a lot worse. Your own personal kite festival comes pre-assembled and ready to rock, with matching tails and a cool zippered case that lets you keep the kites fully assembled for quick setup and take-down.

Nexus 5-Stack kite image
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  • 5 synchronized kites and tails for a spectacular show that always draws a crowd
  • Arm stretching pull in stronger winds
  • Pre-assembled and rigged with stacking lines—just plug in the standoffs and fly!
  • Zippered shoulder bag holds pre-rigged kites flat and ready to go so you can spend your time flying, not fussing with string

Nexus 5 Stack Specs

Skill Level Beginner - Intermediate
Wing Span 60" (152 cm)
Wind Range 4 - 22 mph (6 - 35 kmh)
Speed Fast
Pull Medium - Strong
Frame Pultruded Carbon, Fiberglass
Sail Ripstop Nylon, Mylar Laminate
Flying Lines 100' x 200 lbs Spectra™ (30.5 m x 90.7 kg)